Our Story

Issara (it-sah-rah) means “freedom” in Thai, and Issara takes pride in enjoying the freedom of  life and, of course, excellent, pan-asian dishes. The owners and managers of  Blue Orchid of Lincoln, NE, started Issara wanting to expand their Asian flavors beyond just Thai, incorporating influences from Chinese, Japanese and Korean dishes.

Issara Manager Charles Ludwig, Certified Sommelier, has been with the owners for over five years. His familiarity with Thai and other Asian cuisine is invaluable when it comes to pairing wine and cocktails. His depth in knowledge of wines from around the world has helped shape an extensive wine list boasting entries from around the world.

Bartenders Joe Johnson and Dana Uhrenholdt have concocted an intriguing and sophisticated cocktail list incorporating a lot of the exotic flavors of Southeast Asia and beyond. Come have a seat at the bar and learn more about the infused flavors and inspirations for the creations. They’re sure to provide quite the experience.